My Philosophy

Don't count calories, Nourish your body! This isn't the place to come to find low-fat this or no-carb that, this blog is for appreciating real, pure foods for what they actually have to offer. No chemicals, no additives, just food as nature intended it.

As far back as I can remember, there has been way too much negative hype about food. With experts condemning so many foods and people jumping from unhealthy diet to unhealthy diet, we seem to be focusing on the wrong aspects of eating. Here is a simple concept- Eat unaltered food, nourish your body with the minerals it craves, don't deny yourself, and L-O-V-E what you eat! I want to bring the focus back to the positivity of food, taking a holistic and rational approach to eating. On this site I will highlight the positive health benefits of the foods we all love to eat, and provide recipes that you will hopefully enjoy making, eating, and nourishing your body with!

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