Monday, April 15, 2013

BBQ Cheese Shroom Burgers with spinach, the *perfect* vegetarian barbecue

It feels like Spring is here...which means Summer is on its way!

There's something about barbecue that seems so summery and enjoyable, but its classically full of meat. But just because some of us can't partake in the meat-eating part of this american warm weather tradition doesn't mean that we can't enjoy it too. In fact, i've discovered some of my favorite barbecue dishes  after I went veg. One of my all time favorite recipes is this burger, and that's why on this beautiful warm day I decided to whip up a batch of these little guys while my boyfriend made his own meal.

 I find that a portobello mushroom cap makes a much heartier and more delicious burger than store bought frozen veggie burgers. Its more natural and more wholesome as well, you never know what kind of weird flavorings or chemicals are present in brands such as morningstar or bocaburger. I also LOVE barbecue sauce, and there's no reason vegetarians can't enjoy it too! So here's my favorite recipe for a filling and yummy grilled burger. Invited to a barbecue? Bring some of these puppies and I'm sure that you'll have veg heads and meat eaters alike wolfing them down.

BBQ Cheese Shroom Burgers with Spinach

2 hamburger rolls
2 portobello mushroom caps
2 oz cheese (I used smoky chipotle cheddar)
1/4 cup BBQ sauce
1 cup baby spinach
olive oil

1. Get your grill going!
2. With a spoon, de-fin the inside of the portobello caps (all those little brown thingies on the inside, just scrape them off best you can, it's not the end of the world if you can't get them all)
3. Brush the outside of the mushrooms with olive oil
4. Steam or sautee the spinach until some of the moisture is gone. When it is cool enough to handle, divide it into two portions and put is on the inside of the mushrooms.
5. Put the BBQ sauce on top of the spinach on each mushroom, then top with the cheese.
6. Wrap with tin foil (loosely, so the cheese won't stick to the top) then place on the prepared grill and cook for 10-15 minutes (don't flip it though). Once they're nice and cooked through serve them on a toasted hamburger roll and enjoy!!

Health Benefits!!
Portobello Mushroom- Surprisingly high in protein, one cup of this mushroom contains 5g! They have a ton of micronutrients such as selenium, phosphorus and potassium. They  also contain the vitamins pantothenic acid, folate, choline, vitamin B6 and thiamin. Also very high in phytochemicals and antioxidants.
Spinach- High in vitamin A (for eyesight), high in potassium, high in vitamin K (for bone health) and great source of iron


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